Welcome to the Ye!

I’ve always loved taking photos, traveling and storytelling. I decided why not find a place to paint the stories of these pictures with sound bites of people who live in those places. The Bay Area is my hometown and has shaped me into the woman I am today and it’s because of the wisdom gained throughout the city.

“Why Ye?” 

This is a double entendre of a nickname that was handed to me from my high school friends because of my small stature. Originally it was Yay-High then they shortened it to Ye. “Yay” is also a nickname for the Bay Area. You can hear it numerous raps or “slaps”  as people say they are from “the yay area”. To further pay homage to the hyphy movement-which is one I’m very proud to say was old enough to enjoy.

“Will this only be Bay Area Based?”

No, I travel around a lot so I will add on to other pictures of different cities and conversations.

“What is the purpose of all this?”

Just enjoy some pics and hopefully take home the message that people are so full of great verbal gems!



This stands for Ye From The Bay Phoenix Season, the story of the Phoenix Rising Through The Ashes


Published by yefromthebay

Ye from The Bay. I love all things art and passionate about writing I enjoy long talks about political and social issues with those who are going through it.

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