The Phoenix Project aims to highlight the necessity and beauty of setbacks and comebacks. To rise from the ashes of a setback and flourish in the comeback. This page features my first documentary. In which I document the process of developing the YFTBPhoenixSZN Shirts.

The Process

The Phoenix Project: It was important in my videos to feature Black Women because of what Black Women go through in society. Black Women also account for a large demographic of new HIV/AIDS infections. I wanted to make something that will have people focus on the rise of Black Women. I wanted to highlight a community of people who are beautiful in their tribulations not only when they shine. The Impact

Social Media Instagram: @yftbphoenixszn How Can You Buy One?

Rolling Credits

Farida                 Photographer

Thomas                  Shirt Manufacturer

                              Brad                     Designed Parental Advisory Label,

                   Heat Press

Jalisa Howard Designed Artwork Society of Sisters Early Contributers Drexel Theater Location Kafe Kerouac Location

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