“You live in a generation where people are never satisfied, you can be their dream girl but because everything is a swipe away, there’s a feeling of something better is always out there,they give up the chase and end up settling. Just fall back and learn through trial and error…So yeah just build a friendship first and whoever is serious about you will show it, yes some shady people can be patient and show you what you want for a really long time just to get what they want, but yeah feel it out and you’ll get better at knowing each time”

Brown Sugar Kitchen-West Oakland, CA


The placement of the food with the table decor reminds me of finding excitement within normativity. The richer the meal the more nourished the discussion.


Published by yefromthebay

Ye from The Bay. I love all things art and passionate about writing I enjoy long talks about political and social issues with those who are going through it.

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