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What’s the vibe of the week? Family, Fashion, and Lifestyle. Who embodies that nobody other than the up in coming Cali Lifestyle Blogger Naledi Modise. SHE’S DOPE and She’s Fam. Hey cuz. Before I go in her amazing blog why she’s giving an interesting spin on the vega lifestyle I have to explain the type of person I am. So quick disclaimer. I am NOT the type of person to tell you that you’re dope just because I like you, I’ll tell you to do better because I like you. So, when I say she’s dope , she’s dope. So who is she? She’s Bay Area raised, Los Angeles living.

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Naledi- Ledi’s Lifestyle

Here’s Naledi , Ledi Lifestyle

What makes her stand out? Right? What makes her the spotlight of the week? Its her intricate spin on veganism? We’ve all scrolled past memes, and savage tweets poking fun on vegans being less than pleasant people but Naledi’s blog and social media posts makes it sound like the elite lifestyle. With her vegan tacos and poppin’ smoothies she’s created a craze of hip veganism. With the presentation of her food and her catch caption, her work mirrors that of lifestyle predecessors but with a modern twist. She’s the younger and much more melanated Martha Stewart of Millennials.


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Her website is fairly easy to manage through. Very eye-catching and fun to navigate through, which would be expected of someone who has a gift in highlighting details. She is a college student so her recipes are cost effective to represent that college students can eat healthy on a budget as well. Check out her latest smoothie recipe blog post. The bomb dot com.

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Want an insight to this future lifestyle mogul creative mind here’s an interview I shared with the Young Queen :

Snapchat interview
Snapchat Interview 2
Snapchat Interview 3


So Like, Follow, and Subscribe !

If you’re sleeping on her now be prepared to wake up later.


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