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So what am I listening to right now? Not because this is one of my dopest friends but this was a really dope podcast. My good friend of mine Alan or WordplayAD’s  fire podcast.   The Best Behavior 

The Best Behavior features host WordplayAD (Alan) and a rotating co-host. This week the first co-host was Scott Free. Both Wordplay AD and Scott Free proved great advice from different generational viewpoints. Both provide laid back vibes which makes their conversation and side banter to be very authentic. Throughout the podcast they often inform listeners about their freestyle method of discussion and freedom of critiques. Scott Free represents the generation that he describes grew up with hip hop mc’s such as Mc Lyte and Queen Latifah. He goes into further detail as he argues his point in the Nicki versus Cardi B debate that has been plaguing social media.Scott free’s cancer story is one that should be heard by the masses for his bravery, honesty and reflection of a second chance at life. The podcast also includes a segment in which Wordplay AD and a Co-host will share their most trash moment of that week. This week Wordplay AD chose to include a political story which showed that this podcast aims to address numerous issues in hip hop culture while continuing to educate the masses. If I were to describe this podcast in a sentence I would simply say; Give the goodfellas a chance.

Link :

Screenshot 2018-01-08 at 1.43.51 PM
The Best Behavior Podcast Episode 1 (C: Host Scott Free)

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Ye from The Bay. I love all things art and passionate about writing I enjoy long talks about political and social issues with those who are going through it.

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