“Privilege shouldn’t be based on cruelty”

Columbus Metropolitan Library- Columbus, OH

I am a person that enjoys taking solo adventures and this past weekend I explored the Columbus Metropolitan Library. I was memorized by the wall designs, high ceilings, sculptures and lighting. What resonated with me was the sheer beauty of it all. Beauty, is a trait than can be and has been utilized as a form of privilege. When you’re beautiful, you can cut ahead lines , garner likability and other benefits amongst masses. However what is the cost? What if you don’t fit the mold of beauty according to society? Should they be crucified ? Banished? Should you be modified ? Should we change the standard? Should we allow one group to be treated better on the backs of others struggles? Should privilege be based on cruelty? What about beauty in the form of objects?


Published by yefromthebay

Ye from The Bay. I love all things art and passionate about writing I enjoy long talks about political and social issues with those who are going through it.

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