Spotlight Of The Week: Friendships and Growth

What is the vibe for the week ; interpersonal relationships, family , friends and growth.

What even is friendship?

As I continue to grow on this planet known as earth, I’ve learned that the greatest lessons come from the greatest a pains. It’s like when we were young mini humans the hot stove method. If you remember the first time you placed your hand on a hot stove the pain reminded you that would be the last time you would ever do that. Apply that to life, failed friendships aren’t failures but lessons. In life, sometimes we outgrow each other , and that isn’t a bad thing. Someone once told me if you can look back at your Facebook status from high school and can completely agree then you haven’t grown at all. What inspired this post, this past weekend I found myself spending a lot of time surrounded by great food, great conversation and friends. Listening to how our brunches would include conversations ranging from Men, relationships, amp is gossip to generational dramatic trauma. These are conversations that I at 15, would not even think to discuss. I at 19, would not even discuss , because of being part of a sub group of friends that differed from the ones I was spending time with today. What defines our friends? Our values , our self esteem, our interests, and our cultures. Whatever brings you around those folks one take home message should be spend time with people who genuinely love you. People who do not wish you ill or are strong enough to not take self frustrations out on you. My belief is that there’s no bad people , but people in bad situations and how they chose to channel it; by projecting it onto others.

As I look through my texts, my favorite thing about my friends is the support that they give me and the advice they bless me with.

Choose people who choose you.

A Thread of positive texts


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