BlogSpot: Yes, I saw you and here’s why I didn’t say “Hi”

“IF I SEE YOU AND I DON’T SPEAK….I’m over contemplating whether or not you’ll say hi back to me, how I should say hi, do I look too eager, do you look interested in my presence , do you even remember me ? Am I crushing on you super hard? Am I just a jerk? Possibilities are endless

I’m 100% a city girl but my hometown isn’t a big city. I’m from the Bay Area more specifically I grew up in San Leandro. Everyone knows everyone. During middle school days you’d walk down the hallway or meet up after school at the railings after departing from the hang out you would hug each other. If I saw someone from school on the weekend you’d hug and greet even if you didn’t care for them that much.

So why am I 22 years old and I’m not practicing the same behaviors that was expected of me at the age of 12? Well because rejection sucks. In recent years I found that sometimes folks won’t reciprocate your hi. So am I wrong for stopping ? Am I wrong for practicing self preservation in the form of social cues. It’s something that i’ve practiced my time at college but makes me feel like a jerk every time.

So yes, I saw you but I didn’t say hi because I thought you would swerve me

Is it childish? maybe . Does it feel good? No. Is the fear of being ignored that grand that I should ignore someone’s presence even if I enjoyed a great conversation with them last time? No. However pride exists.

No one likes to feel desperate or “thirsty” but saying “Hi” then keeping it pushing does not mean you’re screaming for attention, you’re just acknowledging their presence because theyre a human and humanity matters.

However, if they make you feel bad, then be prideful and don’t waste your energy on folks who aren’t interested in your presence. They’re not bad people , just not the people for you.

so take home message, say “Hi” to your own discretion.

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