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What am I in the mood for ? Dope photography, from my dope friend Courtney Gilbert. Courtney is one of the first friends I made when I moved to Columbus, Ohio. Upon first meeting she was funny, warm and welcoming. Her style rivaled GQ fashion covers. Her spirit is one that words are not enough to capture what is better said on the other side of a lens. An urban realness that resonates that speaks through her art. It also mirrors the Columbus spirit. The short north murals, the cut spot style restaurants , the creativity within simplicity. That is why her photo being placed into the heart of Columbus- downtown at the metropolitan library was the perfect aesthetic. Once you walk up the decorated school house stairs of the library you approach a hall way then make a right you’re in another mosaic hallways with hanging sculptures that rejuvenates the spirit. Then there is her photo Faygo Glow. Faygo Glow, a play on the name of the drink Fanta and the glow effect of the photo. The photograph depicts a melanin full hand with acrylics grasping a complimenting Fanta soda can. The subject behind the can, shot in shallow focus captures another essence of street realness. How quickly everything moves when you’re having effortless fun. Those nights that are so great it almost feels like a blur. Which reminded me, personally of my own childhood pranks. Friends and I gurowing up, in San Leandro would plan to have one person pay for a movie ticket at Bayfair, then head straight to the back of the theater, opening a back door and let in the rest of us. A certain childlike street realness. Courtney Gilbert’s Fayglow is on I believe will resonate with the masses and is worthy of its acclaim.

Please take the time to check out Courtney Gilbert’s work at the Columbus Metropolitan Library from January 11th to February 9th, located on the second floor of the library and for purchase within the library store.

Picture below: Courtney Gilbert photographed in front of Faygo Glow

Courtney Gilbert, photographed by her mother in front of Faygo Glow – Columbus Metropolitan Library, Columbus, OH
Columbus Metropolitan Library- Columbus, OH

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